Ronnie Toma(non-registered)
Your Pictures capture the West Seattle we all Love! My family from Montana and Wyoming really enjoy your work! Thanks
Doree Fazio-Young(non-registered)
I love this all of your beautiful pictures in one place to look at when I want Thank u
Lisa Boettger Hegle(non-registered)
I love seeing your work and I get a thrill telling people I used to work with you at the paper. I'm still waiting for the day you start turning some of these beautiful photographs
into jigsaw puzzles! I would buy every one of them!
Diane McAlister(non-registered)
Love these! In April I will select 4 to purchase and hang. Ur work is exquisite.
Sherry Rieger(non-registered)
Patrick I have been following you on Facebook and you have amazing photos. I wish I had a mentor like you for taking pictures. Keep up the wonderful work!
Tricia Kelly(non-registered)
A sister in Seattle sent me your work. I am grateful to her and now to you. The Irish talk about "turning into the light" you know how to capture it momentarily and then how to share it. Many thanks
Tad Wahlen(non-registered)
You do excellent work ! Very Nice !
Ganma Debbie(non-registered)
Alho Patrick...lovin your pictures...
Patty Lessley-Douglas(non-registered)
God has gifted you with such a beautiful talent!! I am so proud to be able to share your photos with my friends & family all over the country and be able to show them thru your photos how beautiful it is here, also Alki where I have spent many years playing at the beach, hanging out with friends and just growing up. Thank you so much from the bottom off my heart for sharing all of this with us.
Teresa Wright(non-registered)
Thank you! I love seeing your photography everyday! You are such a blessing!♡♥♡
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